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pregnant: Enjoy the travel comfortably safe

With the requirements of modern life, and engage women's life experiences free independent and confident, became her in different times and circumstances is a reality and the need is a must in many cases, hence the need for pregnant women; or those that are expected to be pregnant to learn the best periods of travel appropriate to them, In addition to safe travel precautions for their condition.

The most appropriate periods of pregnancy to travel from the center of the third month until the beginning of the seventh
Emerged attention to the travel of a pregnant woman not only among doctors, but also the airlines that do their utmost to protect the occupants of any risks that may negatively affect its reputation. Most airlines allow pregnant women to travel on board, so that week thirty-sixth of pregnancy, but the International Federation of Air Transport in the context of the guidelines to him, asserts that can stand airfare depending on the history of patients, and the number of embryos that carry, and the number of weeks of pregnancy, For example, it may be acceptable to travel without complication in pregnant between 36-38 weeks, if the flying time does not exceed four hours, but in general it seems air travel after the thirty-second week of pregnancy contain some risks, so that many airlines do not allow travel of pregnant women after 36 weeks of pregnancy. The airlines usually rejects the transfer of pregnant women who have previously given birth prematurely, or who have already been subjected to blood clots. He says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, that's just a pregnant woman to travel by plane usual does not carry any risk to the health of the pregnant mother natural, nor on the proper embryo free from any health disorders.

The most appropriate periods of pregnancy to travel is from the center of the third month until the beginning of the seventh month, it is difficult to travel at the beginning of pregnancy, because the body is not accustomed to the physiological changes of pregnancy, addition to الوحم and feeling sluggish, and in order to avoid an early abortion. The last two months of the pregnancy during which it is difficult to move easily and comfortably, especially for long distances and for a long time, and if there are any complications during pregnancy, or unexpected happening.

And travel by car or train does not affect the pregnancy in most cases, but it is recommended not to exceed 6 hours travel, where to travel for more than a deadbeat for women in ordinary cases, as well as pregnant women. The ship does not have travel risk remember, but seasickness and symptoms may occur for many, especially those who are traveling for the first time in that way.

Tips for travel comfortably and safely:

The holder should move for a few minutes every hour
1. If a pregnant woman is forced to travel by plane, it is important to sit down on a nearby chair of the aisle for ease of movement, especially the front seats, as they less ارتجاجا of the background, with wear comfortable clothing during the trip.

2. Because the average air humidity in the plane no more than 8% in most cases, the carrier will be in dire need of drinking large quantities of water and fluids to reduce the risk of natural exposure to drought.

3. Be advised pregnant women meal before boarding a light, so it does not happen, nausea and vomiting from the fatty meal.

4. Preferably careful to minimize the intake of foods causing gas or constipation, noting that the difference in air pressure in the plane reason to increase the size expansion of gases, compared to case size presence on the Earth's surface.

5. Prefers to wear a pregnant woman while traveling a shoe comfortable, and it is recommended if possible raise the feet to the top in order to prevent swelling due to fluid build-up and albumin in that region during the long travel.

6. Pregnant women should move for a few minutes every hour, with the leg to move each period during the sitting.

7. Recommended to wear pregnant seatbelts in both planes and cars as much as possible, and should wear low over the pelvis, because the risk of damage from wearing seatbelts be less severe than the risk of not wearing it, for a possible head injury or chest, or a separation of a sudden the placenta.

8. A pregnant woman traveling that attaches special importance to the presence of vaccines and medicines, because the use of medicines during pregnancy a matter of sensitivity and special considerations, and must be carried out under medical supervision, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before traveling on the possibility of eating stabilizers for pregnancy, so as not to hurt pregnant collisions that may occur. Besides receiving some medical advice on some of the vaccines that have to be taken by her.

9. Preferably women get a card from the competent physician, about the details of her pregnancy and diseases afflicting before leaving, in order to benefit them when she went to the doctor in the country you're traveling to.

10. You must be careful of some tourist activities for the holder, such as scuba diving and other water sports, the seriousness of the health of women and the fetus.

How to face the timing of sleep disorders after traveling?

As to travel to distant countries aircraft rapid pros many; it has its disadvantages, which may affect the human body respects biological, including disorders of sleep timer that finds traveler himself because of unable to sleep, although in the heart of the darkness of the night, or unable to accomplish what he traveled for him tasks and urgent work due to fatigue caused by sleepiness. This disorder is biological in the timing of sleep caused by osteoporosis system temporal in the brain due to travel fast, which covers the hoops and multiple time zones, and cause fatigue to the traveler for days at a full day per hour travel almost does not do any coffee derivatives and her companions from stimulants like to solve that problem, but may increase the symptoms somewhat annoying.

Travel between different timescales cause the timing of sleep disorders in times may be annoying.
So; how can a traveler who crowded of his time Palmhagl and important dates face this problem and solve it quickly? Here are those tips that specialists recommend:

1 - eating snacks before you travel one day, on the day of travel eating breakfast Sbahia rich in protein provided by meat, eggs and dairy products, since the proteins made up of amino acids promotes alertness and attention. In the evening, a dinner rich in carbohydrates that induce the secretion of the hormone Almilatuna Fetcher drowsiness. Do not forget to repeat this program strictly on the previous day to return from your trip.

2 - If you travel to areas considered timing ahead of the timing of your area; view your eyes after you arrive to travel directly to natural light in the early hours (between the fourth and seven in the morning) as much as possible. If I traveled to the regions lagging behind your timetable; Vahjb area from your eyes light during the early hours of the morning, even wearing dark sunglasses. Because the light is to govern the assessment of the human body for the time, and interfering in the work of the biological clock, and then dictate the traveler desire in the waking or sleeping.

3 - is advisable to eat a grain of the extract "melatonin" about the half hour before Khalodk on to sleep and you're in the land of travel, this is the hormone that brings drowsiness when produced by the body naturally, such as hours of sleep.

If you travel to areas lagging behind your timetable; Vahjb area from your eyes light during the early hours of the morning, even wearing dark sunglasses

Eight tips to keep your stomach during travel

Issued U.S. data modern confirm that more than 10 million passengers abroad, especially those who are regular flights usually develop diseases, particularly diarrhea, which Oazath that data to the consumption of drink or food is good, and so it was necessary to follow some of the habits and take some steps before eating food in the country travel to maintain your health and your stomach.

Avoid raw foods to the maximum extent possible when you travel to other countries
1. When you enter a new restaurant in the trip must look to the waiter and cooks; Why wear, how to deal with food, for example, do their hair is pinned, you wear plastic gloves or not, and if you find things is that you leave the restaurant immediately, and this is what also applies in the case and find the waiter smoked during food presented.

2. Looking for crowded places when choosing a restaurant on the road, especially if they are customers of the local population, this definitive guide on the cleanliness of the place, it can not provide the people of the country to eat rotten food.

 3. Avoid raw foods to the maximum extent possible when traveling to other countries or regions, and the best option is canned and fresh foods, and do not do a lot of eating spicy foods, some people get stomach pain if consumed foods that contain chili or spices.

 4. Avoid mixing drinks with tap water or ice cubes, you do not know the nature and source of water is it made of ice cubes, drinks made with hot water is a good choice, such as hot tea or hot coffee.

5. Not all the mineral water is safe. Therefore, you should choose credible brand in your country and ensure that they close the court.

6. Do not eat food that is left open for more than an hour, especially if the air temperature or room temperature too hot above 32 degrees Celsius.

7. Use wet wipes to clean the tools hotels start of the toilet door handle, and phone. And do not forget to wash tableware Kalokwab, spoons and saucers with hot water before use, but if you are visiting developing countries, you need to bring your own equipment.

8. Does not accept to eat fresh fruit or vegetables before they make sure to wash them well, and preferably also you first Ptqchireha.


tips for a successful shopping trip

During your visit to any country will visit often or more to the markets to buy local products, gifts and souvenirs, and in some cases, the markets are a destination for themselves they reflect the culture of the people and customs. There is natural to negotiate with vendors on prices until it reaches the price that suits you, but you may fall victim to some sellers that you are one who does not do good bargain. So here are some tips that will help you in this process, which finds a lot of sellers and buyers with renewed pleasure.

Destination markets to buy and see a real picture of market cities "Grand Bazaar" in Istanbul
1. Take a tour or more in different markets to know the lowest price of the product you want to buy, you can check the price presented to you through your close friends in the country you visit, and should take in mind that handicrafts are usually high price compared with the goods factories.

2. Try to know the average price of the things that you intend to purchase, especially if they are known commodities, through the Internet and traveling tips and former friends. Try to compare with those in Item size and quality.

3. Prefer to know the language of the country you are visiting all well better communicate with those around you, and at least try to know the keywords used in the purchase, such as: please, how much the price? As well as the numbers used by the people of the country.

4. سيفيدك to escort you when you visit the market one of your friends and acquaintances of the people of the country, it will be aware of the best markets, prices and stores have also appreciate you understanding with the sellers.

Buying and selling in the markets of Marrakech, Morocco
5. Avoid buying in markets crowded with tourists or when there is a tour group, especially the bustling markets longer trap ينصبه the sellers to raise prices on strangers and foreigners.

6. Timing is a very important purchase, especially if you know that street vendors usually they transfer their goods to different markets to sell them, and do not want to return them back to their homes, so you should take advantage of this opportunity. It is better for you to shop in the early times of the day; because some shopkeepers usually rejoice first buyer, be the first lucky you.

7. Advised not to turn to the question about the price of any commodity only out of curiosity and not to buy, and you should not give in to buy a commodity under the pressure of the seller if you do not want it.

8. Do not begin before negotiations can see well and examine them, and start a speech with the seller before the traditional questions about the price, it is necessary not take you merchant impression of shyness, on the grounds that this would make him overestimates in price dramatically.

Bargaining and discussion in the Silk Street market in Beijing, China
9. Must be more intelligent private hawkers which is characterized by a lot of them savvy in dealing with tourists, so you have to try your luck with him and continue to bargain until you reach the price is appropriate, if not reach him for an agreement pretended to walk away from his shop and convince him that your budget will not allow the increase of the price submitted to him in advance.

10. Despite the proliferation of ATM machines, but there is no better than cash when it comes to bargaining, and the buyer should be aware that there are a large number of merchants do not accept credit card, while accept others so willingly, so he should sure of his credit card, and the amount contained before you go down to buy.

And the use of funds in cash is another benefit which help you determine your expenses, nor forsake you buy more than you want, and also be important to keep with you in a small commodity currencies Statistics and bargaining.

11. Examine what you would like to buy, and if they found flaws or weaknesses would be a reason to reduce the price, and make sure you pay money before your agreement with the merchant.

12. If you decide to buy a commodity is not presented to the seller price is too low, but it is better to reduce the price by 25%, and the price is reasonable nor Tbouksh right, so be merciful Seller! Not only get the item at your satisfaction and pleases.

Famous for its beautiful India item the markets and bargaining market "Shandy thorn" in the city of Delhi
Among the most important markets, which is famous for bargaining and negotiation markets of India, is also characterized by a rich beautiful goods characteristic of spices, clothes and gifts. Here are some tips for these markets:

1. Must at the outset that conducts research about the price of the item you intend to buy, and to determine the price of during Julatk on the grounds that the item usually found in more than one store.

2. Do not pay more than half the price in Item you will buy, especially if you intend to buy more than one, and this represents a quasi-public base in the Indian markets which usually overestimates where sellers Bosaarhm.

3. Do not show interest in the commodity that you want, especially that this merchant pays to the increase in price.

4. Usually start the negotiation process by asking the shopkeeper: Is this the best price you have? Or is there a discount?

5. When it's your turn to propose a price appropriate, it is best to provide about a third of the price at which his or offering you the seller and, if not abandon his demonstrated to stay away and walk to the back, usually result in lack of interest in the commodity to pay the merchant to lower the price, but if it does not Either to come back to him again, or be looking for item elsewhere.

Finally, it can be fun and bargaining experience the country and its people and the memory of the trip, usually enjoyed by the shopkeepers on the grounds that it breaks the monotony of their daily lives.


Practical tips to ensure safety when staying in hotels

Many fear the West residence in places on them, and they may be forced to it when you travel to a new country, but there are a range of practical tips that can contribute to alleviate security concerns when deciding to live in a hotel room the world.

Should take a closer look at the security situation in the country or the city that you vist

By Location

1. Should take a closer look at the security situation in the country or city that ستزورها, whether terrorism represents a real threat to them? Especially since there are some neighborhoods, cities or regions safer than others, and in this sense should check out the travel warnings and reports in the destination you intend to visit, so you can correct choice.

2. When the time comes to book your hotel, not only in view of the prices and the services provided, but make sure some things, such as, Does the hotel in the upscale residential neighborhood, or in a busy commercial area? Is it safe to wander around after dark? Is there a nearby police station? Can all of these factors can affect your stay, whether negative or affirmative.

You also need to know the security measures in the hotel where he will hold
What do you do at the hotel

3. You will also need to know the security measures at the hotel, which will set in, but must also wonder before the residence of whether the front desk 24 hours a day, and whether there are security guards at the hotel and if there are surveillance cameras in public places, Is access to guest room floors restricted to guests only?

4. Make sure you have phones throughout the hotel, and you have to learn on the home phone numbers at your destination before you travel as the embassy and the number of emergency.

5. Should make you two copies of your passport, credit and ATM cards, leaving one at home with a friend or loved one, and the other with you on your trip.

Not accept to stay in a room on the ground floor
Where are you staying at the hotel

6. Not accept to stay in a room on the ground floor if you can avoid it, many safety experts recommend to stay somewhere in between floors III and VI, where the rooms are high enough to be difficult to storm, and اسئل whether you can get a room overlooking the inner courtyard Instead of a parking lot.

7. While you are at the front desk, he asked for the phone number you should call in case of an emergency. Is there a direct line to the security team at the hotel?

8. Check the locks on the windows and the balcony door, as soon as when you arrive, and notify the front desk that I've found do not work, it's also a good idea to check these locks again every time you go back to the room.

Must keep your door locked at all times
During your stay

9. Keep your door locked at all times whenever you are in your room, including the safety chains or metal locks.

10. If you knock on the door of the room someone claims to be an employee of the hotel unexpectedly, should you call the front desk to check the validity of this talk, do not open the door to anyone unless you're sure of his identity.

11. I work to protect your valuables in the hotel safe and better yet, make them at the front desk while you're out, get a receipt and anything written.

12. When you leave the room, leave the TV or radio, open, and leave your situation on the door under the title "Do Not Disturb", as these tricks will give potential thieves the impression that you exist.

13. It should be a hotel parking and a well-lit corridors, with reporting any interruption and asked a security guard if you feel insecure.


What to do if were stolen abroad

Usually what we look for happiness when we trip abroad, it is natural to expect progress all the things very well, but what if intercepted by pleasure some problems and obstacles, specifically if you have an accident theft lost the effect that all possessions and money, would confine itself saddened by and cancel your trip back to your own country, or will follow the necessary procedures? Unfortunately, crime is a fact of life wherever you go in the world, but if you fall victim, it may contribute to these lines and put you on the right track.

Incidents of theft abroad always disturb the tour
What needs to be done before you go:

You conduct research for the region to be visited in advance, we must recognize the crime rate in your destination before you leave to get some information on the status of safety and security, and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a good place if you're looking for alerts and general advice, do not forget to do Bagraet travel insurance.

The passport gateway and most important for travelers
What should be done in case of loss or theft of your passport:

The travel جوزا is your gateway and the most important of the private Mguetnaik even remain safely at all times, but what if there is lost? So what do you do, especially if you Dear Traveler alone? This matter may Saariqkk much, but if you made to your embassy or High Commission to report on the incident will ease unit fears upon giving you advice and actions required, and is in the forefront of orientation to the local police at your destination to make a complaint and then get a report lets you issued a passport Last alternative through your embassy, ​​and there will need to fill several forms for this alternative to passport lost or stolen, and you should know that time it will take in such actions will depend on where you are and your own circumstances, but do not make this spoil fun trip.

Advised of the need to prompt reporting of the loss of credit cards
If you lose money, or credit cards:

Before you leave home, you have to keep the Governor and handbags empty of any background documents, even if you encounter a thief can مراوغته across extradited bag empty and keep the owner as it is in the bag again put them in the safe out of sight, and advised placing it under clothes.

But perhaps not deliver anyone from stealing even once in his life, if trapped in stolen credit card, should you call the source through the number a state of emergency existing Bkhalaf card, so you keep it with you, and will have officials Bank appropriate measures that can be to put in place to stop the unauthorized use of the card and replace it quickly.

As for the checks, if exposed to theft or loss you have to call the emergency number on the back of the check and report on the checks, and the company will بمتابعتك حطوة step until you get to the alternative, and this could be it within 24 hours.

In case of loss advised to borrow money from friends to complete the required procedures
In case of lost money, you can ask one of your friends and acquaintances in the country that has the to Aqradk some of the money that will help you to complete the procedures, and they should be in contact with your family situation in your destination to ask them to send you a money order.

If you are a victim of a robbery to Mguetnayatk:

Firstly it should not become alarmed if exposed to this incident so you can act wisely, and you in this case is to inform the local police about the incident immediately, and ask them to write a report or statement to the crime also occurred to be able to claim anything back from your insurance company .

And if you are under attack by Nchalin while you roam in a tourist areas of the country you are visiting, contact the emergency services and local as well as also the case if you need quick medical help, and can be patrols ambulance irregular in some countries so that it may be easier for you access to the hospital.

And if you need to stand with you and takes your hand on the road to carry out such actions, you are looking for a lawyer and you should contact your country's embassy or High Commission, and in turn will be able to give you a list of local lawyers.

And there is something else you can learn even be aware of all the details while you are abroad, where the retention number line emergency assistance local and numbers your insurance company of the important things to ask advice about what you should do if you are the problem, and they will have probably a dedicated line for legal advice and assistance to line this kind of situation.

I know that most insurance companies have strict time limits on reporting the loss or theft of money or property, and it will ask you to copy it from the police report.


Expert tips for spring break fun, inexpensive

Do you wish to enjoy the beauty of spring and picturesque nature, but you fear the extra cost? So you need some expert tips to ensure a happy journey enjoyable inexpensive.

Extra cost may hinder enjoy the ride
1. Work on a realistic budget for travel and stick to it, including the expenses of flights and accommodation, tours and food.

2. Be sure to direct adventure tours with local tour operators, which saves you money and you are guaranteed a more realistic holiday.

3. Share tips and advice with other travelers, as well as communicate with the local people and discover local deals and offers.

4. To join the travel clubs that offer discounts and special offers continuously to its members.

5. Follow-up booking online, many airlines and hotels offer discounts and special offers for booking via the World Wide Web.

6. Create your travel guide including the best evidence accommodation, dining and various movements.

7. Early booking you will be able to take advantage of early booking discounts and get what you want.

8. Be flexible with each element of the book travel beginning of dates and locations, and others.

9. Traveling with a laptop or iPhone will ensure you make phone calls over the Internet through various programs Kskaab and others.

10. Back to Nature, where hiking, climbing and which are usually cheaper activities and also the most health.

11. Experience outdoor activities visit the beach, go for a walk and watch the sunset.

12. Try not to eat at the airport, although the airports with many international restaurant chains but it can be expensive for you.

13. To not depend on fast food and work to cook your own meals, and lose their local markets, to buy some fruit and snacks that can be useful in your daily commute.

Tips help you learn a new language while traveling

It is axiomatic that be learning a language one of the aims travel for some, any thing better than enrollment cycle or seminar and then practical experience to speak out on the street and shop with neighbors, and even if it were not the first objective is to study the language is presence in the country, especially for the period long, golden opportunity to learn the language of some of the steps that the evolution of your level so that it can engage with local populations away from the use of signs and gestures, or the use of a common language.

The first step:

You watch television in the hotel room, which will establish a permanent, preferably with translation material that you see in English; recurrence phrases and know what you mean by reading translator will help you a lot on the road to learn useful expressions, and you can also watch news the state, and especially that Ansatk reporters who speak will develop slowly have the ability to pick up words, as well as commercials that can be seen easier and more enjoyable than TV shows and movies.

Second step:

Talked with locals using the words you know, no matter how small, and you should at the beginning of your talk show being a beginner to learn, which will pay the other party in the conversation to speak slowly and then you can manage to talk to him. And do not worry if you miss the phrase did not understand and ask for help if you're talking with someone who does not understand what he says.

Use your new and spoke with the people of the country
Step three:

Listen to the local music and songs, will Fbdorha teach the proper pronunciation of words and phrases, even though I found it difficult to understand what is being said in the beginning, but with time and listen good understanding will become faster.

Step Four:

Keep a dictionary with you and you can use one of the dictionaries available for smart phones, and will help you a lot to learn difficult words to you, and with repeated research and re-pronounce more than once will consist have sufficient funds of vocabulary that helps you manage your daily life easily.

Step five:

You configure language dictionary of your own, the fact that the list of useful words and phrases to use when you need not find embarrassment in asking locals about some of the words as a contribution to your dictionary.

Can draw Balqoames and without what I have learned to be your own dictionary
Step Six:

In most cultures is eat and talk to each other on the table a social occasion important, so be sure to eat the food one popular restaurants than you can from chatting and interaction with the local population, and the first word that you should know in this context the word "delicious" and some other words related food, water, salt and vegetable names and the names of local dishes, and various types of fruit in the market, and can not find embarrassed referred to and ask the seller a question about her name.

And you need not to go to places where tourists, especially in restaurants, you can eat at local places and popular where it can find the opportunity to talk with the people of the country.

Step Seven:

What a beautiful to enjoy lightly shade and humor in dealing with the local population in the country you visit, this would be a break barriers with the talk with him, and so if you are saving a funny or we hold to decent and appropriate local language please do not hesitate in saying to laughs from sitting with you and talking Here then the conversation begins to learn more new words.

Step Eight:

You can also learn some words and phrases through computer programs, CDs, and Internet sites like, and this will contribute to the speed Angmask new society.

Step Nine:

The language in the age of micro best way to Mastery and therefore you should accompany local children and learn from them while traveling, Vsasaadhm to do corrects Ntqk and teach you new vocabulary.

Step Ten:

You can enroll in language learning during the stay in the meantime you will get the opportunity to learn alongside other students novices, and if you intend to stay for a long time, you access to studies intermediate and advanced private that talking in classes to read and write will contribute to enriching the dictionary language.

And bargain shopping and a good way to learn numbers and new vocabulary
Step Eleven:

Shopping and bargain an easy and useful to learn numbers and Mfiradat purchase, and must be aware of certain phrases before you head to the market, such as (this is very expensive), and (I want to deal at local rates), it Saaadk much to cope in the new country.

Step Twelve:

In some countries do not spread the English language among many residents as some stick using their language and Alzmonak speak it, and maybe finding it difficult in the beginning. But with some patience you'll find easier and easier for you, and you listen to their stories and conversations, and ask them to help you learn, and it is expected to find application acceptable to them.

In the end, the motive remains the first importance in helping you learn the language you want, without the motivation you'll find yourself unable to continuity, you must define your goals of learning the language in which it wants clearly trying to answer three questions: Why do I want to learn a language? And what to do with it? Why do I need it? And if you are able to answer these questions clearly'll find success ally.


Tips to enjoy a winter trip in good health

By winter wish travel and enjoy the snow in the various countries of the world, but it is possible to form a sort of winter travel health hazards that may confront us, and of course the last thing we wish to turn winter fun trip to the treatment of the symptoms of colds and flu!

There are some basic tips that must be followed or taken into account to remain in excellent condition during the flight and after access to our main destination, and to make the winter break free from the pressures sick.

Health Tips for healthy winter trip
1. Avoid flu
Of the best solutions to avoid them is to take the annual serum anti-influenza virus and is completely safe for pregnant women and children, time will occupy your mind to the prevention of influenza. You can order this serum from any hospital or doctor trusted. And other resistors influenza (sleep well, exercise training, reducing sugar, vitamin C).

2. Stay away from external contaminants pathogenic
Often difficult to avoid others while traveling, whether you are traveling by plane, train or even while you wait at the airport. Prefers to avoid touching the nose or mouth during the flight and as the air in the plane is recycled it can lead to the spread of infection more, and in order to minimize the infection rate you directing slot air conditioning hand chest and not the face.

It is most common in places travelers infection contaminated surfaces, such as the passenger seat or dining tables and toilets, you should clean up your desk and dining table sterile handkerchiefs and wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and preferred to use your pillow and personal Btanitk.

3. Defeat the cold

Keep the moisture in your body by drinking water
Respiratory infections including viruses and colds and flu diseases common in the winter months, and the first rule to avoid all that is washing hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-generation sterile. If you are infected with a type of infection prefer your coverage of the mouth and nose Emamat or incest during coughing or sneezing.

4. Keep the moisture in your body
Maintain body moisture is one of the most important precautions while traveling, whether winter or summer travel. And You can do this by keeping you a bottle of water with you inside the plane and drinking them regularly, and may studies have shown that one or two percent in the lack of body weight can lead to fatigue and reduced alertness and it becomes very dangerous in areas iced; where that your body needs to provide him with more energy in cold weather.
And can also take your light meal, such as apples or carrots; because most airlines currently do not have their meals and healthy snacks.

5. Is the status of your feet
If you sit during a trip travel, especially if they are long in places relatively narrow, it is possible to get some kind of types clots venous or blood clots in the foot, so you must not forget that you take a tour simple in place or are extended Kadimik and your arms once every hour.

6. After reaching the hotel

Know the weather at your destination before you travel
Do not use cups abandoned hotel in the rooms, and prefer to use your own cup or thoroughly washed before use.
Do not use the remote control your TV with your hands bare because of the most polluted things in the room, and you can put it in your own plastic bag and use it over the bag.
Bring with you the cover for pillows and bed with you because cushions hotels can be contaminated.
Keep walking in the room or a special toilet slippers because your carpets and floors often convey germs, some research has shown that even five-star hotels the rooms contain a lot of bacteria that can not be seen with the naked eye we must be cautious.
7. Remain calm while traveling
Must maintain patience and calm twelve flight conditions are usually unexpected winter flights for major climate change between the city and the city that you will spend your vacation, this could affect climate change in flight plans and destination. You must if you will travel by plane to be sure to pick you up extra clothes and water or snacks or a book he can keep you busy for this disorder or stressors that can make you because of the weather change also helps you sleep well at reducing tension.

Must follow these tips well in order to maintain our vacation, calm and health as planned without any obstacles to health, and, of course, do not forget to resort to a weather bulletin so you know Mstelzmatk of clothes that suit your trip.
And I wish you a healthy trip, comfortable and enjoyable.


Tips to avoid losing your luggage while traveling

The pouch fellow trail every traveler, they are miniature wheel needs to take her whenever he wants anywhere, and is considered the loss of more things that might disturb any trip. Therefore there are several steps can be followed to ensure no loss of Rafiqtk dear while traveling, and then spoil your trip.

Bag and one of hundreds of similar bags .. You have to distinguish personal data within and retain its image and description
1. Write your personal data within and outside of the bag; your name, address, in detail, your country, your phone number, and do not forget to write your route and the hotel where he will hold.

2. Take a picture of your bag your mobile phone or camera, these images may help you when your bag is lost or damaged.

3. Place the label color or a sticker on the outside of your bags.

4. Charge your luggage to your destination through shipping services, and despite the cost it will save you hours of time may waste it to stand in line baggage screening, or wait until the fall.

5. Preferably carry valuables such as electronics and jewelry with you and not deposited in the bags, and so are not subject to theft or loss and then will not be able to claim airport management.

6. The airline is not responsible for perishable materials Omoad precious cameras and mobile phones, documents and jewelry, so it is recommended that you have your own handbag fear loss, and all you need to do during the trip urgently medicines, among others.

7. Record your bags at the airport early before the trip about thirty minutes, and this increases your chances to be among the 99% who await their bags at the end of the trip.

8. After reaching your destination and receive your bag make sure you full contents before you leave the airport.

9. Advised to participate in the travel insurance on luggage, in case of accidental loss will immediately and within the airport to fill the required documents after notice and an insurance agent, your and you'll get a list of all what is in the bags you travel, so you should always write all the contents of your luggage and described, in addition to a description of the bag itself in the external paper held by you.

10. Be careful of thieves usually steal some things from your bag, so you should check your bag before leaving the airport and if you find anything missing, you should go directly to the prosecutor's office and file a complaint.

But what happens if you lose your bag? And what do you do?

What do you do if your luggage is lost?
You must know that you have rights; Many airlines offer compensation for some clothes and toiletries lost, but must maintain the documents that guarantee your rights. And will provide you with the competent authorities at the airport special papers to write the complaint include many of the questions about your luggage and descriptions and their contents, and you should not leave the airport without getting No. Office, which provided the complaint and the name of the employee and a copy of the report of the proceedings to be able to follow up and get the latest information on your bag.

And if you lose your bag in one of aviation accidents firm Stawwadk about the incident and not for every bag, it is also important to know that there are exceptions for things such as electronics, and jewelry. If you are not satisfied with the compensation, you can bring a case against the airline before the competent courts. These are some tips in case of lost luggage:

1. Do not leave the airport:

Often located travelers in error leaving the airport at the loss of their bags, usually they have suffered exhaustion and fatigue than the length of the trip or the frustration of not having the bag, and then decide to return to their homes or going to the hotel, and get plenty of sleep and resume proceedings in the morning, but Here be too late, especially with the need to submit a report on the bag at the same time, and despite the fact that some airlines allow submission of this report within 24 hours of lost luggage but this reduces the chances of getting them.

2. Do not scream at airline staff:

You stay calm, it is dealing with them at the airport and your final destination are not are responsible for the loss of your bag, but they can help you get it, and so it should be nice in dealing with them. If you are uncomfortable will not be able to provide a clear description and accurate for the missing bag, which makes things more complicated.

3. Do not say: "I had a lot of valuables in my bag missing"

That may be true but you have a lot of valuables in your bag missing now, and maybe you have a detailed report accurately, but most airlines is not responsible for valuables will Tawwadk them, which underlines the importance of the lack of such things in a bag travel.

4. No less: "I do not know what's in my bag"

If your bag is lost, the airlines want a detailed list of what was inside. So write a list of clothing sizes and colors, and the kinds of shoes, and it should take a picture of all the contents of the pouch your mobile phone and make sure that there is a distinctive mark, outside and inside the bag.

5. Do not give up for the lost bag:

Supposed to be the airline in touch with you, but if you were not so, it must be a race in contact gently, even though it via e-mail, and you'll retain all relevant information such as dates and flight numbers for submission when asked about them.


Tips to sleep at the airport

Well, this is what happened: The airplane arrived at 11.30 pm, and you have to wait until six o'clock in the morning to complete the journey on board the second plane heading to your destination. Waiting time is not long enough have to pay extra to book a room in an expensive hotel at the airport, but trying to sleep on a chair harsh airport is neither comfortable nor attractive, especially when leaning your head back and keep your mouth open.

But anyway, if equipped yourself to sleep at the airport will not be this bad experience necessarily, if you're traveling with a limited budget, this economical solution.

Tips for sleeping in airports (photo:
These few tips from an email asking them to book a hotel expert in travel to make the experience of sleeping in the airport more comfortable and safer:

Protective eye and ear plugs: You're at the airport and remain bright lights 24 hours a day and ring sounds ads in different languages ​​every two seconds. The existence of a protective eye and ear plug is very important in this case, a lightweight requirements do not take up space in your bag, so be sure to always possession.
Covers: The do not have a shawl or towel, you can borrow a blanket from the airline, and the airline traveling aboard her plane will be often more willing to help you. You will not often apply a blanket of "EVA Air" when you are traveling on the lines of "Cathay Pacific", but no harm in trying anyway. And endothelial useful and can be used in several forms: a cover for your luggage or a source of warmth.
Alarm clock: if they had missed a trip you will not want to skipping another trip as well. Set your watch or your mobile phone. If you do not have any of them, type on a large sign by planning Black "please Oikzawna in at seven in the morning!" Put the sign in place near you. Surely you would find disagreeable people they Baikazk. There is also the iPod alert feature.
Keep your luggage: sleepiness affects your ability to focus, but do not fall into the trap of believing that he "does not need to worry, no one will steal my luggage." Try to build a wall around you using the boxcar put your luggage on your body or under your head. Do not leave your passport, Flyer card, money or any important documents inside your bag. But put it in a safe place in your coat pocket internal or inside a small pouch surrounding B_khasrk.
You can also convert your luggage to a comfortable bed, so that the adoption of bags bed you can lie Fathzy comfortable and safe at the same time. This option is very appropriate when you have a lot of baggage. Of course, you also in this case directed important documents of bags so as not to remain leafless and you end up in a detention center of illegal immigrants.

Come early: If you're planning to spend the night at the airport, you should come early as soon as possible as places are limited. All people think like you, and therefore you may find all the good places, behind the counter, or under windows or seats in the corners is busy when you arrive.


Ten tips to get a cheap airline ticket

If you are planning for your next trip and whatever your destination The first thing that comes to your mind: How can I travel and by any means of transportation?? . The answer will not be one at a time sometimes be settled in favor of air travel if the distance too far and require crossing the ocean, for example, but if your destination within the same country or in a country close Vtaatadd you choices between the train and the bus and travel car or river cruises in some cases in addition to the plane.

And your decision depends beside distance Stqtaha the importance of the journey for you and budget; In some flights are trains cheaper while the other becomes a better use of aviation, especially low-cost, and stop traveling car on the total budget for the trip righteousness of fuel and the establishment and maintenance of the vehicle and, of course, the preferred means of transport for you.

Now if you've packed your order and decided to travel by plane, then came time to think about booking and ticket prices, which accounts for a significant share of the budget for the trip. Here are some tips to gain an airline ticket at the best possible price.

1. Book early and

Bring you book and buy tickets early many advantages Besides feeling comfortable to complete the first step in your journey, you'll have plenty of time to look and check the best deals available, and choosing the best time to reach and departure, and the opportunity to choose your seat is preferred if it was next window or aisle or if you want seats adjacent to your family or friends, and also allows you to order your steps following example, if you want to rent a car to take you from the airport and hotel reservations appropriate and thinking in the flight program and what you want to visit.

And increasing the importance of early booking at peak times and seasons travel annual Kattlat and holidays;, where prices double the closer the holidays and increased congestion. But this assertion does not prevent you may find offers distinctive if you wait some time and booked late and is the second advice.

2. Wait for some time

Sometimes you can still buy tickets at an attractive price until the final days before travel if you do not receive airline reservations for all available seats have been remaining at good prices, and send some companies periodicals such opportunities and find in some specialized sites such as last Minute Travel, if you loves surprises until the last minute and you can change the program trip it suits you wait.

3. Search and search and then .. Decide

To get an airline ticket at a reasonable price and provide a reasonable amount of the expenses of the trip, use hotel booking at the best or picnics more, it will take you to pass first trip other than careful research to reach a better price Whatever appeared in front view attractive Try not to book the first thing you get, and generally all the time it takes to search will be added to your experience for future trips.

The trip begins search among various Internet sites in booking sites such as Expedia and Cheap Tickets and Kayak, which gives you an idea about prices and airline appropriate for your destination and allow you to compare in terms of price and flight times and airports used and weight allowed and if the trip directly or include stops, with the note that these sites themselves differ among themselves.

And the basis of this information can be directed towards the site of the airline you often get a better price, especially if there was a special offer from the company. And if you do not find the price you demand re-search again and most booking sites send notices first hand as the average price changes.

4. When to buy?

And now after a research trip when prefers to buy the ticket? Some sites, such as kayak that shows you the rate of ticket prices to your destination and that he is going to rise or fall. And on the other hand offers many airlines offers on Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturday of each week you can book through these days.

5. Be flexible

While searching tried to keep, if you can, when you travel mRNA may find that submission or delayed a day or two to change price for the best, as well as for the airport, which takes off from the trip and the reach of prices trips vary with the situation into account the distance from your place of residence to the airport and the airport site in the city with access to and the cost of the move.

6. Do not forget LCC

LCCs or low-cost and as its name gives you a lot of money, and you'll find some deals in the usual booking sites and others are available only through its own website and through its pages in popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Whether you are traveling within your home country or to other countries or include your trip more than one station can take a look at the LCCs.

7. Reward programs travelers

Remains another option for you to travel free or at a substantial discount and through participation in loyalty program or frequent flyer offe certain, despite what can be said about the complexities redeem miles from airlines but the reality that companies usually allocate a limited number of seats on each trip to subscribers in the rewards program travelers it is possible to enjoy Bahdha especially if booked early, in addition to other benefits as an upgrade class of travel for free or reduced fee and get your seat preferred and priority booking and get discounts and offers to stay in hotels and use overweight luggage and redeem miles with some goods and others.

8. Recovered money if prices fall

After I finished booking surprised by the decrease in the prices of tickets before you travel you can then ask the company quietly recover the difference, it is true that it is not always get it, but I do not mind the attempt especially that some companies do not announce its policy in this regard. And visit a site like yapta gives you information and notices via e-mail if dropped ticket prices.

9. Air Pass

If you plan to visit more than one country in one area such as South Asia or Africa, it may be Air Pass is an ideal choice for you; Many national airlines as well as some travel agencies and alliances Aviation three major (Star Alliance and One world) and put performances featured visitors from outside allows travel between more countries. And price depends on the number of stations trip and travel distance, and allows some travelers add or change and Jathm and date of travel during the trip, while others require identifying each step before you travel.

10. Special Offers

Finally, do not forget to follow the latest airline deals appropriate to your destination via booking sites and travel and tourism sites such as our flight deals, or corporate email newsletters and pages on various social sites such as Twitter