pregnant: Enjoy the travel comfortably safe

With the requirements of modern life, and engage women's life experiences free independent and confident, became her in different times and circumstances is a reality and the need is a must in many cases, hence the need for pregnant women; or those that are expected to be pregnant to learn the best periods of travel appropriate to them, In addition to safe travel precautions for their condition.

The most appropriate periods of pregnancy to travel from the center of the third month until the beginning of the seventh
Emerged attention to the travel of a pregnant woman not only among doctors, but also the airlines that do their utmost to protect the occupants of any risks that may negatively affect its reputation. Most airlines allow pregnant women to travel on board, so that week thirty-sixth of pregnancy, but the International Federation of Air Transport in the context of the guidelines to him, asserts that can stand airfare depending on the history of patients, and the number of embryos that carry, and the number of weeks of pregnancy, For example, it may be acceptable to travel without complication in pregnant between 36-38 weeks, if the flying time does not exceed four hours, but in general it seems air travel after the thirty-second week of pregnancy contain some risks, so that many airlines do not allow travel of pregnant women after 36 weeks of pregnancy. The airlines usually rejects the transfer of pregnant women who have previously given birth prematurely, or who have already been subjected to blood clots. He says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, that's just a pregnant woman to travel by plane usual does not carry any risk to the health of the pregnant mother natural, nor on the proper embryo free from any health disorders.

The most appropriate periods of pregnancy to travel is from the center of the third month until the beginning of the seventh month, it is difficult to travel at the beginning of pregnancy, because the body is not accustomed to the physiological changes of pregnancy, addition to الوحم and feeling sluggish, and in order to avoid an early abortion. The last two months of the pregnancy during which it is difficult to move easily and comfortably, especially for long distances and for a long time, and if there are any complications during pregnancy, or unexpected happening.

And travel by car or train does not affect the pregnancy in most cases, but it is recommended not to exceed 6 hours travel, where to travel for more than a deadbeat for women in ordinary cases, as well as pregnant women. The ship does not have travel risk remember, but seasickness and symptoms may occur for many, especially those who are traveling for the first time in that way.

Tips for travel comfortably and safely:

The holder should move for a few minutes every hour
1. If a pregnant woman is forced to travel by plane, it is important to sit down on a nearby chair of the aisle for ease of movement, especially the front seats, as they less ارتجاجا of the background, with wear comfortable clothing during the trip.

2. Because the average air humidity in the plane no more than 8% in most cases, the carrier will be in dire need of drinking large quantities of water and fluids to reduce the risk of natural exposure to drought.

3. Be advised pregnant women meal before boarding a light, so it does not happen, nausea and vomiting from the fatty meal.

4. Preferably careful to minimize the intake of foods causing gas or constipation, noting that the difference in air pressure in the plane reason to increase the size expansion of gases, compared to case size presence on the Earth's surface.

5. Prefers to wear a pregnant woman while traveling a shoe comfortable, and it is recommended if possible raise the feet to the top in order to prevent swelling due to fluid build-up and albumin in that region during the long travel.

6. Pregnant women should move for a few minutes every hour, with the leg to move each period during the sitting.

7. Recommended to wear pregnant seatbelts in both planes and cars as much as possible, and should wear low over the pelvis, because the risk of damage from wearing seatbelts be less severe than the risk of not wearing it, for a possible head injury or chest, or a separation of a sudden the placenta.

8. A pregnant woman traveling that attaches special importance to the presence of vaccines and medicines, because the use of medicines during pregnancy a matter of sensitivity and special considerations, and must be carried out under medical supervision, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before traveling on the possibility of eating stabilizers for pregnancy, so as not to hurt pregnant collisions that may occur. Besides receiving some medical advice on some of the vaccines that have to be taken by her.

9. Preferably women get a card from the competent physician, about the details of her pregnancy and diseases afflicting before leaving, in order to benefit them when she went to the doctor in the country you're traveling to.

10. You must be careful of some tourist activities for the holder, such as scuba diving and other water sports, the seriousness of the health of women and the fetus.

How to face the timing of sleep disorders after traveling?

As to travel to distant countries aircraft rapid pros many; it has its disadvantages, which may affect the human body respects biological, including disorders of sleep timer that finds traveler himself because of unable to sleep, although in the heart of the darkness of the night, or unable to accomplish what he traveled for him tasks and urgent work due to fatigue caused by sleepiness. This disorder is biological in the timing of sleep caused by osteoporosis system temporal in the brain due to travel fast, which covers the hoops and multiple time zones, and cause fatigue to the traveler for days at a full day per hour travel almost does not do any coffee derivatives and her companions from stimulants like to solve that problem, but may increase the symptoms somewhat annoying.

Travel between different timescales cause the timing of sleep disorders in times may be annoying.
So; how can a traveler who crowded of his time Palmhagl and important dates face this problem and solve it quickly? Here are those tips that specialists recommend:

1 - eating snacks before you travel one day, on the day of travel eating breakfast Sbahia rich in protein provided by meat, eggs and dairy products, since the proteins made up of amino acids promotes alertness and attention. In the evening, a dinner rich in carbohydrates that induce the secretion of the hormone Almilatuna Fetcher drowsiness. Do not forget to repeat this program strictly on the previous day to return from your trip.

2 - If you travel to areas considered timing ahead of the timing of your area; view your eyes after you arrive to travel directly to natural light in the early hours (between the fourth and seven in the morning) as much as possible. If I traveled to the regions lagging behind your timetable; Vahjb area from your eyes light during the early hours of the morning, even wearing dark sunglasses. Because the light is to govern the assessment of the human body for the time, and interfering in the work of the biological clock, and then dictate the traveler desire in the waking or sleeping.

3 - is advisable to eat a grain of the extract "melatonin" about the half hour before Khalodk on to sleep and you're in the land of travel, this is the hormone that brings drowsiness when produced by the body naturally, such as hours of sleep.

If you travel to areas lagging behind your timetable; Vahjb area from your eyes light during the early hours of the morning, even wearing dark sunglasses

Eight tips to keep your stomach during travel

Issued U.S. data modern confirm that more than 10 million passengers abroad, especially those who are regular flights usually develop diseases, particularly diarrhea, which Oazath that data to the consumption of drink or food is good, and so it was necessary to follow some of the habits and take some steps before eating food in the country travel to maintain your health and your stomach.

Avoid raw foods to the maximum extent possible when you travel to other countries
1. When you enter a new restaurant in the trip must look to the waiter and cooks; Why wear, how to deal with food, for example, do their hair is pinned, you wear plastic gloves or not, and if you find things is that you leave the restaurant immediately, and this is what also applies in the case and find the waiter smoked during food presented.

2. Looking for crowded places when choosing a restaurant on the road, especially if they are customers of the local population, this definitive guide on the cleanliness of the place, it can not provide the people of the country to eat rotten food.

 3. Avoid raw foods to the maximum extent possible when traveling to other countries or regions, and the best option is canned and fresh foods, and do not do a lot of eating spicy foods, some people get stomach pain if consumed foods that contain chili or spices.

 4. Avoid mixing drinks with tap water or ice cubes, you do not know the nature and source of water is it made of ice cubes, drinks made with hot water is a good choice, such as hot tea or hot coffee.

5. Not all the mineral water is safe. Therefore, you should choose credible brand in your country and ensure that they close the court.

6. Do not eat food that is left open for more than an hour, especially if the air temperature or room temperature too hot above 32 degrees Celsius.

7. Use wet wipes to clean the tools hotels start of the toilet door handle, and phone. And do not forget to wash tableware Kalokwab, spoons and saucers with hot water before use, but if you are visiting developing countries, you need to bring your own equipment.

8. Does not accept to eat fresh fruit or vegetables before they make sure to wash them well, and preferably also you first Ptqchireha.

Bus stations in fruit forms in Japan

When waiting for buses and trains means more people first find a comfortable place to sit, hoping to reach the bus on time, and the biggest hope that one can sit down! And then maybe meet these expectations be in front of the designers responsible for the construction time to reflect on the implementation of innovative forms of bus lend some joy and not be afraid of getting bored waiting.

Bus stations in Japan fruit forms
This forms a model bus stations that take the forms of certain fruit and vegetables from Japan, and there in the city Konagi Konagai in Ishaya city within the Nagasaki area. And designed back in 1990 during the exhibition to travel in the city in order to attract visitors at the time, but because of their design turned out to labels in the region like tourists to see.

The city has 16 bus stop on the forms of fruits such as watermelon, oranges, strawberries, pumpkins and others. The designers say they idea of ​​the famous Cinderella story and turned her vehicle in the middle of the night to the fruit of a large percussion.

Resort allows you to watch the Caribbean and you are inside your room pool

What is your reaction when you arrive after a long journey to your Mntgek and your room is found only three walls, and inside the pool room? It's Jade Mountain Resort, which is a unique experience luxury tourist are living in the eastern Caribbean in an unprecedented location in St Lucia St. Lucia, where the resort is located high on a hill rising 600 meters above sea uncle, on the ruins of the historic district of Anse Chastanet, which was once a sugar cane farm and then turned into a farm tropical cacao trees.

Interface Jade Mountain resort multilevel
Opened the resort in the fall of 2006 in the form of construction of multi-level, and each room inside the resort without the fourth wall to give you a chance to meet nature and harmony with unobstructed, and at the same time ensure you complete privacy by providing a private swimming pool for each room, swimming pool without end; where coalesce waters with waters of the Caribbean in the distant horizon, which gives a wonderful sense, ranging from the cost of a night in which 950 to $ 2,700.

It looks as if the swimming pool docked with the Caribbean
As the saying both visited the images - as well as words - you can not transfer the luxury and luxury and the beauty of the resort as complete and accurate, once relaxing on the bed you'll find yourself amid a forest green and water turquoise transparent in the landscape dramatically adorned Mountains Piti and Gros Piton floating in the Caribbean Sea, and yachts Fancy that roam back and forth.

From anywhere in the room you see a wonderful panoramic view
Making all the furniture resort and the floor of the timber tropical trees that grow in the rain forest there, and supplement the resort's two restaurants, a club and a fitness center, tennis court and rental cars, shops and centers to practice diving and all water sports, in addition to the beach is wonderful.

Furniture and floor rooms of tropical wood trees
Swimming pools inside the rooms take four forms, and each form has characteristics which distinguish it from other, midst the form of "star" is the youngest ones, and another form called "Moon," and the third "The Sun", which allows a panoramic view of 270 degrees, one of the most attractive because it combines space and spacious panoramic view of the broad, and the last form is the "galaxy" by all the advantages of forms earlier but it is located in the upper floors only, in addition to swimming pools There are five suites ensuite private jacuzzi open to the sky, called these suites Sky suites which is found in roles Lower.

The resort rooms from the inside
It features a jacuzzi feature called chromatherapy The idea is to turn on the light-colored particular from the bottom of the water, and chooses the tourist light color and intensity by digital devices installed in the jacuzzi, and on selected are highlighted from the bottom of the water, because of the direct impact on the balance of rights and for his life biological positively; Each color has a certain effect, Fallon Red, for example, organizes and stimulates circulation, while yellow stimulates the functions of the nerves and activates the process of digestion, and orange has an effect on muscle relaxation.

Mountains Piti and Gros Piton which overlooks the resort
Characterized Restaurants Resort Jade Mountain adopting entirely on local products and flavors of the Caribbean, and most of what you need restaurants produces front of the resort in the park, which was held and which was originally a farm, sugar cane, and then turned to the land earmarked for cacao trees tropical, and now has become a farm fantastic with many products The resort, which supplies on a daily basis; wherein cinnamon trees, cashew, guava, avocado, orange, mango and coconut trees and various fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Heavenly terrace at the edge of the resort at the highest point
The most distinguishing feature of the resort balcony, known celestial pal Celestial Terrace is a spacious balcony located on the edge of the resort which overlooks the sea and the sky, you see the sunset creative with the smell of the sea dinner prepared by the chefs of this place.

World's cheapest beaches for summer 2013

There's nothing more charming of white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, and therefore the collection "Encyclopedia of traveler" cheapest tourist beaches budget-friendly, and that you can enjoy it at the beginning of the summer.

Costa Blanca favorite summer vacation for the Spaniards since 1960
  Costa Blanca, Spain

It's time to rediscover the Costa Blanca, which was the summer vacation favorite for the Spaniards since 1960, which covers an area of ​​more than 200 kilometers on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea from the white sandy beaches pristine appropriate for all occasions, the mismatch ideal for families, some of which is surrounded by cafes and restaurants, and is a beach "Jerandlaa" the most popular with the locals, and for adventure lovers and water sports, they go to the beach, "Roig Arenal" and "Cantal" in Calpe and beaches that offer water skiing, windsurfing and kayaking.

Recently crowned Bay Roselli as the best beach in the United Kingdom
Roselli Bay, Wales

Culminated in the recent Gulf Roselli as the best beach in the UK, so it is sure to be more popular this summer, as they will enjoy visiting to walk on foot in a stroll along the shores of the Gulf with three miles of white sand, and if حالفك luck and I visited the Peninsula Gower Wales " , you'll see why they were voting to choose this beach in the top ten beaches in the world, surpassing the beaches of Hawaii and the Caribbean, visitors can take a trip or local catch train to Swansea, located 190 kilometers to the west of London, which takes about 3 hours by car to ensure a journey filled with picturesque aesthetics of nature.

Florida shores within the cheapest tourist beaches to explore this year
Florida, United States

Certainly, the state of Florida, also known as House Disney World and Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral, prides itself on being the sunshine and is home to the shores of magnificent which is also within the cheapest tourist beaches to explore this year, do not miss a visit "Delray Beach" appropriate for swimming and sunbathing, as well as "Clearwater Beach "which is usually classified as the best beach in the United States.

Azores is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal

Azores is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, and consists of 9 volcanic islands, the most famous beaches is "Praia Formosa" black sand consisting result of volcanic soil characteristic of these islands, and is the "São Lourenço" is a beach suitable for water sports as well as " Praia do Sol, "and if you visit the beginning of the nine islands of Sao Miguel, through Santa Maria, Terceira, Faial, Pico, and St. George, and the end of Pkorvo great you will feel the difference in terms of providing expenses.

Republic Aledumakan considered of the most beautiful areas of the global nature
Dominican Republic, Caribbean

The Republic of Aledumakan of the most beautiful areas of the global nature; as characterized by more than 20 miles from the sand clean, and palm trees and crystal blue waters, and considers resorts "Eastern Kponta Cana" and "Bavaro" are the most popular with tourists despite the fact that most of the beaches are overcrowded Palmstafan.

Caribbean coast offers many options Kariyadat water and underwater diving and deep-sea fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, beach is often mentioned "Cabarete" on the northern coast in the Caribbean among the top 10 destinations for water sports.

Phuket features pristine beaches and turquoise appropriate to exercise a lot of water sports
Phuket, Thailand

Despite the beauty of all regions of the island of Phuket, but the most popular area of ​​Phuket is the west coast, which features pristine beaches and turquoise appropriate to exercise a lot of water sports, which includes many international resorts, restaurants, bars and shops. Enjoy the beach "Patong Beach" and "Mai Khao Beach" charming and know the nature of the guest houses and low-cost restaurants on the beach "Caron" this magical island.